The NGO Shipbreaking Platform is a coalition of 19 environmental, human rights and labour rights organisations working to prevent the dangerous pollution and unsafe working conditions caused when end-of-life ships containing toxic materials in their structure are freely traded in the global marketplace.


VICE video

Platform news – New video by VICE shows child labour and low environmental standards in Bangladeshi shipbreaking yards

Brussels 9 February 2015 – A video published by the American magazine VICE, “Where giant cargo ships go to die”, available on its website, shows that both the working conditions and the measures to protect the environment in the shipbreaking yards in Chittagong,… More

Meeting with Ikki-Ikki Asia Japan 2014

Platform News – Platform welcomes new Japanese partner organisation

29 January 2015 – In November last year Platform founder and policy advisor Ingvild Jenssen visited Yamaguchi Prefecture based community network Ikki-Ikki Asia Japan. The volunteer-based network, first established 25 years ago, works on a multitude of community-building, environmental and solidarity projects. For… More

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Press Release – New List of Global Dumpers Is Out

More than 70 percent of the world’s obsolete tonnage ends up polluting the Indian sub-continent and putting workers’ life at risk Read the press release in: French | German | Greek | Italian | Japanese | Portuguese | Spanish Read what the Bellona… More

Banner SAQU 16Jan2015

Platform publishes South Asia Quarterly Update #4

Brussels, 16 January 2015- The NGO Shipbreaking Platform publishes today the fourth South Asia Quarterly Update, a briefing paper in which it informs about the shipbreaking industry in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Providing an overview of vessels broken on the beaches of South… More

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Behind the price tag

Ship owners and investors need to ask if high prices obtained for the sale of old ships mean health, safety and environmental protection are compromised in breaking yards In February 2015, German state TV channel ARD/NRD broadcast a program on the shipbreaking practices of German ship owners. The TV program focused on the demolition in [...] More

Danish shipping company’s decision to sell ship to India highlights misconceptions about “green ship recycling”

16 January 2015 - Clipper, a Danish shipping company, sold a ship for breaking that ended up in an Indian shipbreaking yard in January 2015. The “Clipper Concord” was a 14-year-old general cargo ship that had most recently sailed in African and Caribbean waters. The Platform was alerted about the fate of the ship when [...] More
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NGO Shipbreaking Platform - List of ships dismantled worldwide in 2014jpg
NGO Shipbreaking Platform - List of European ships beached in 2014
Cover Pakistan Shipbreaking Outlook report NGO Shipbreaking Platform-SDPI June 2014

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