The NGO Shipbreaking Platform is a coalition of 19 environmental, human rights and labour rights organisations working to prevent the dangerous pollution and unsafe working conditions caused when end-of-life ships containing toxic materials in their structure are freely traded in the global marketplace.


Ship Breaker Hauling Steel, Alang Shipyards

Platform News – NGO Shipbreaking Platform presents Annual Report 2015

Brussels, 31 May 2016 – The NGO Shipbreaking Platform presents its Annual Report 2015. Check the new Annual Report to find out more about: – our findings about global shipbreaking practices in 2015, including an overview of developments on the ground and statistics on… More

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Platform News – UN Special Rapporteur concerned about German shipbreaking practices

Brussels, 26 May 2016 – In a written submission to the German Government, UN Special Rapporteur Baskut Tuncak has expressed serious concerns related to the substandard shipbreaking practices of German ship owners, in particular fatalities and toxic chemical exposure of workers and the… More


Platform News – Indian NGOs voice concerns as ship owners promote beaching

Brussels, 12 May 2016 – Indian NGOs voice serious concerns regarding the beaching of end-of-life vessels in Alang in reaction to the recent visit to the Alang shipbreaking yards organised by ECSA (European Community Shipowners’ Association). Late in April, the European ship owners… More


Platform News – Shooting and fatal accidents at Kabir shipbreaking – Belgian ship owner CMB, Greek Kanellakis Group and Standard Chartered linked

Chittagong/Brussels, 9 May 2016 – Standard Chartered Bank, Belgian ship owner CMB as well as the Greek Kanellakis Group are linked to Kabir Steel, a Bangladeshi shipbreaking yard with a particularly bad accident record.

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Spike in the number of decommissioned vessels related to the oil and gas industry

Brussels, 3 May 2016 - In the last few months, the NGO Shipbreaking Platform has documented more and more oil platforms, drill ships and other vessels related to the oil industry arriving for demolition on the beaches of South Asia as well as in Turkey and China. The Platform calls on the large oil and [...] More

German ship fund Norddeutsche Vermögen continues to exploit substandard shipbreaking to maximise profits – clear contradiction to company’s values

Brussels, 27 January 2016 - German ship owner Norddeutsche Vermögen Holding GmbH & Co, a company offering shares in ship funds, and its subsidiary Norddeutsche Reederei Schuldt, have seen another three of its vessels arriving at the beaches of South Asia in 2015: the “Northern Glance” (registered under the name “APL Malaysia”, IMO 9196917) hit [...] More
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