The NGO Shipbreaking Platform is a coalition of 19 environmental, human rights and labour rights organisations working to prevent the dangerous pollution and unsafe working conditions caused when end-of-life ships containing toxic materials in their structure are freely traded in the global marketplace.


Ship Breaking Detritus, Alang Shipyards

Press Release – European ship owners on promotional tour in Alang – environmental and human rights activists denied access

Brussels, 28 April 2016 – Tomorrow, European ship owners, government representatives of France, Germany and Belgium, and the European Commission will visit the Alang shipbreaking yards. Despite several indications that NGOs, including the NGO Shipbreaking Platform, would be part of the delegation, no… More


Platform publishes South Asia Quarterly Update #9

27 April 2016 – The NGO Shipbreaking Platform publishes today the ninth South Asia Quarterly Update, a briefing paper in which it informs about the shipbreaking industry in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Providing an overview of vessels broken on the beaches of South… More

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Press Release – Bangladesh High Court issues contempt rule against 14 Government Officials: ministries and shipbreakers asked to account for non-compliance with 2009 judgement

Brussels/Dhaka, 12 April 2016 – The Bangladesh High Court yesterday issued a contempt rule addressed to 14 Government officials and the president of the BSBA.

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Press Release – European Union sets a global standard for sustainable ship recycling: NGOs call on shipping companies to use EU approved yards

Brussels, 12 April 2016 – Today, the European Commission (EC) publishes technical guidance for ship recycling facilities that want to be approved under the EU Ship Recycling Regulation.

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German ship fund Norddeutsche Vermögen continues to exploit substandard shipbreaking to maximise profits – clear contradiction to company’s values

Brussels, 27 January 2016 - German ship owner Norddeutsche Vermögen Holding GmbH & Co, a company offering shares in ship funds, and its subsidiary Norddeutsche Reederei Schuldt, have seen another three of its vessels arriving at the beaches of South Asia in 2015: the “Northern Glance” (registered under the name “APL Malaysia”, IMO 9196917) hit [...] More

Danish ship owner Clipper Group has adopted a ship recycling policy which refers to requirements under the EU Ship Recycling Regulation

Brussels, 12 January 2016 - Since December 2014, the NGO Shipbreaking Platform has been exchanging with the Clipper Group, inviting the company’s management to embrace sustainable solutions for its end-of-life fleet. The company had been in the spotlight of media attention in Denmark for the controversial scrapping operation of the vessel Clipper Concord in India. [...] More
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